Quality Policy

Sidera has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification from TÜV NORD.

Sidera wants to provide customers with products and services that meet the agreed requirements and all the needs at minimum cost and with the highest possible efficiency.

Scope of certification:
Production of coated sheet metal.

The implementation of this policy is a duty for all personnel and management’s responsibility, through the application of an effective quality system according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

To achieve the required quality objective, the company has adopted the following policies:

  • Compliance with national and international regulations in force;
  • Obtaining the required quality levels on the expected terms;
  • No compromise on product safety;
  • Prevention of problems.

Awareness, training and continuous improvement of personnel at all levels also through the planning of training through the annual training plan.

The management reviews the quality system at least once a year.
It’s in this occasion that the management, considering the key performance indicators, implements new actions for the continuous improvement of the quality system and to increase the satisfaction of its customers.

Sidera Srl spreads the quality policy to the staff, external collaborators and through the company website at every level. The task of ensuring and verifying the application and suitability of the quality system is entrusted to the head of the quality management system, to whom specific authority and responsibility has been entrusted.

Quality checks:

  • The main raw materials (sheet metal, PVC and adhesives) are evaluated with scrupulous checks to ascertain their perfect suitability.
  • On the production line are checked:
    • Proper treatment of the metal support;
    • Viscosity and wet thickness of primer and adhesive resin;
    • Adhesive and paint polymerization temperature;
    • Thickness of metal support and plastic film;
    • Color constancy.
  • On the finished products:
    • Mechanical tests, control of the adherence of the coating to the support by impact test and deformation test.
    • Control of the characteristics of the plastic film to define the abrasion resistance and elasticity.
    • Chemical tests that verify the resistance of the plastic coating to chemical agents, tests of durability over time performed salt spray test, accelerated aging, natural weathering.

Sidera coated sheets with MED certification by Rina S.p.A. for the naval sector

Some types of Sidera-coated sheet have been certified by RINA S.p.A. (Italian Naval Register) according to the European Directive on Maritime Equipment (MED) 2013/52 / EU and subsequent amendments and additions for industrial application in the naval sector.

The MED module B certification attests to the full compliance of the plasticized sheet against the low propagation of flame for interior naval installations.