A versatile and economically advantageous product

The plasticized sheet can be used in many end fields and represents the ideal raw material for many applications.
Where there is the need for an excellent aesthetic finish, excellent surface protection, ease of processing and versatility, for sure the coated sheet is the best product to use.

The plasticized sheet can be cut, bent, bent, drawn, sheared, profiled, crimped with common sheet metal processing machines.
The economic advantages are considerable. For example, we can mention: lack of investments for painting lines and the emissions of these plants, reduction of labor to be used for finishing the products, possibility of supplying the sheet with removable protective film to protect the surface.

Some examples of applications are: Commercial showcases and refrigerators, Cold rooms, Insulating panels, Air conditioners and air handling units, Metal furniture and shelving, Lifts and elevators, Domestic appliances, Cooling devices, Dividing walls, Metal Ceilings, Shipbuilding.