Pre-coated steel: protection and aesthetics.

Versatility, reliability and convenience

The plasticized sheet can be used in many end fields and represents the ideal raw material for many applications.

Where there is the need for an excellent aesthetic finish, excellent surface protection, ease of processing and versatility, for sure the coated sheet is the best product to use.

State-of-the-art production and control technology

The coated steel sheet is the product deriving from the coupling between a metal support and a plastic coating film.
The plastic film can be formulated for applications inside buildings in areas protected from the weather or for outdoor applications.

Sidera was born in 1993 with a specific commitment: quality.

Sidera was founded in 1993 by professionals with experience in sheet metal coating and sheet metal working.
The deep knowledge of all the application problems related to the need of coated steel has always been SIDERA’s goal.

The quality production of Sidera coated sheets, the excellent service and price competitiveness have allowed the company to become a reference point on the market in a short time.

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